Marine Biology Section Meeting   Pleinmont, May 13th 2006

Shore Dock
We saw Shore Dock, Rumex rupestris, at the top of the beach, this is the rarest dock in Europe
Sea Kale
also Sea Kale, Crambe maritima.
Tiger Beetles
On the way up we saw Tiger Beetles Cicindela campestris
Verrucaria maura
We noticed the marine lichens Verrucaria maura, making a black line like tar around the rocks at high water,
Verrucaria mucosa
Verrucaria mucosa in green patches lower down,
Lichina pygmea
and Lychina pygmea looking like patches of a small brown seaweed

We found several of the Trumpet Anemone Aiptasia mutabilis, we have known it in the big pool for some years, we otherwise only know this from Belle Grève Bay, Bridget has found it in the middle and Charles has found it by Spur Point. There are only 2 references in the Transactions to this species. One of them (1969) says they were found by divers in Belle grève, the other (1906) gives Herm, Bordeaux and Petit Port . They are found in the extreme SW of the British Isles.

Trumpet Anemone
Trumpet Anemone

The Spirobis on Himanthalia buttons is probably S. inornatus or S. spirorbis The red bodied whelk was Ocinebrina aciculata. This apparently does not occur in Britain except in the Scillies. I can find no reference that it is red-bodied in the common sea-shore books.. We have found this at Lihou Causway as well, Roger Brehaut says it is common.

Ocinebrina aciculata
Ocinebrina aciculata

The yellow sea slug was Berthella plumula. the green one was Elysia viridis, the small brown one from the big pool was a species of Aplysia. We found whelk egg cases. The yellow fibrous bodies under rocks were, as Bridget said, a sponge with absolutely straight 'anatriaene' spicules and an internal structure of parallel chambers.

Psammechinus miliaris
The Sea Urchin was Psammechinus miliaris,
Asterina gibbosa
the Cushion Star, was Asterina gibbosa.

We found some of the usual crabs, Shore Crab, Chancre, Lady Crab, Hairy Porcelain Crab. In the big pools Sea Anemones seemed scarce but in the boulder beach we found Snakelocks, Beadlet,Trumpet, Dahlia and Strawberry Anemones. Also Botryllus schlosseri, the common colonial Sea Squirt. We noticed various hydroids and bryozoans. In the big pools were two species of Cystoseira, tamariscifolia and baccata. We also saw the brown alga Dictyota dichotoma.

Cystoseira tamariscifolia
Cystoseira tamariscifolia