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Access: Park at Grande Havre & cross the road to the hide
Perrys Guide: 6B5

Vale Pond
The Vale Pond. St. Michel du Valle Parish Church behind
Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo
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Vale Pond - Colin McCathie NR

This relatively large reserve consists of a pond and a meadow. The pond is all that remains of the Braye du Valle, the channel of water separating the Clos du Valle from the rest of Guernsey until about 200 years ago. It is inclined to be brackish as sea-water enters through the sluice near the road at high spring tides. There is a good area of reedbed, and the pond is an important site for birds. A hide has been constructed behind the west wall which is accessed from the main road. From here it is possible to see a variety of waterbirds including Snipe, Heron and Little Egrets and occasionally some rarities passing through. Plants around the edge of pond include Sea Aster, Sea Hard Grass and Glasswort, which are rare elsewhere in Guernsey. The bird hide is on the main road opposite the pumping station.

The meadow to the south of the pond is grazed by cows, and is mainly semi-improved grassland, but where it dips down towards the stream (east) there are pockets of unusual salt-marsh plants such as Sea Arrow Grass and Sea Club-Rush and Grey Clubrush, and wet meadow plants such as Yellow Iris, Celery-leaved Crowfoot, and Marsh Woundwort. There are some trees planted around the edge of the meadow, and the east facing wall against the road with its thick covering of Ivy and Brambles provides a sheltered home to many invertebrates and small mammals.

Please do not descend to the edge of the pond as this disturbs the birds.

Vale Pond
Vale Pond
The Vale Pond. St. Michel du Valle Parish Church behind
The Vale Pond from the hide. The chimneys in the background are at St Sampson's Harbour and this could be reached by boat from here till 1805
Vale Pond hide
Sea Aster
The hide and the sluice gate
Sea Aster Aster tripolium
Snipe Gallinago gallinago on the Vale Pond
Shoveler Anas clypeata on the Vale Pond
Shelduck Tadorna tadorna on the Vale Pond
The meadow
Yellow Flag Celery-leaed Crowfoot
Yellow Iris Iris pseudacorus with Marsh Woundwort Stachys palustris
Celery-leaved Crowfoot, Ranunculus scleratus
Ectophasia crassipennis  
The fly Ectophasia crassipennis, a parasite of shield-bugs

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