Highlights: Peace and quiet!
Access: Approach from Rue Chiens down track immediately to south of the bungalow called Marchez Dessus
Perrys Guide: 9 F3
Rabbit Warren
The path around La Garenne in spring
Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo
Nature Reserves

La Garenne d'Anneville

This site has both historical and nature conservation interest. The rabbit warren ('La Garenne') and moat in the north-west of the reserve (marked 1 on the aerial photo) were created in the mid 13th century by the Manor des Annevilles for the purposes of containing rabbits for culinary purposes. The moat can still be seen surrounding the area with some water in it although much of this dries in the summer. The centre is a mixture of Bracken and Gorse, which is cleared on a rota so that different ages of scrub are available to increase the diversity of habitats on the site. A path is cut around the perimeter between the scrub and the moat. Purple Moor Grass, quite rare in the rest of the island, is frequent in this area along the path edges.

The greenhouse site to the south east (marked 2 on the aerial photo) was originally intended to be retained as a meadow. However, due to various factors it did not develop as expected and the area has been largely planted with trees, a mixture of English Oak and Ash. These are struggling to survive the onslaughts of the large rabbit population despite rabbit-guards! There is a path around the edge of this area, which is popular for both blackberries and field mushrooms in the autumn.

The wood to the east (marked 3 on the aerial photo) consists mainly of Evergreen Oak, and is not easily accessible for much of the year. However children can easily scramble in and there is often an assortment of "dens" etc. which activity is probably far healthier for them than being stuck indoors.

The whole area is not much visited, and is a haven of peace and quiet. It is mostly quite sheltered and the insects and butterflies in summer, and birds in the winter are well worth enjoying.

The moat
Purple Moor Grass
The moat around the Garenne
Purple Moor Grass, Molinia caerulea
Tree planting
Early stage of tree planting on the greenhouse site, the wood can be seen to the left
Boletus rubellus, an interesting fungus on the greenhouse site.
Minotaur Beetle
Great Green Bush Cricket, Tettigonia viridissima, common in Guernsey
A male Minotaur dung beetle, Typhoeus typhaeus, collects rabbit droppings.
Evergreen Oak
Evergreen Oak Quercus ilex

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