Mike Meinke's
Marathon des Sables 2013

About the run

I have entered the 2013 Marathon des Sables; a 156 mile run through the Moroccan Sahara run over 6 to 7 days. Temperatures can reach 50 degrees and competitors must carry their own equipment including food, clothes, sleeping bag, camping stove, flare, and venom pump! The Marathon des Sables has been labelled the toughest footrace on Earth.

Why would one enter such an event you might ask? Especially someone with no running experience of any note. Well it all started in the pub of all places. A friend bet me that I wouldn't be able to accomplish such a task. So I entered, and what may have started as a jovial moment in the local has now become a life-changing dream for me.

I have decided to raise funds for La Societe Guernesiase and in particular for some local conservation projects. I see this not only as a chance to take part in something extraordinary but a chance for me to do something positive for the island we live on. Please donate generously!

Total raised so far: 1278

The Donor List

Thank you to all my supporters!

Well done Mike, fantastic achievement.

Anne Sandwith 10.00

Fantastic achievement Mike, really impressed! Lyns x

Lynsey Chick 10.00

Well done mate - fantastic achievement

Allister Carey 20.00

Mike is a local hero !

Tim Adkins 40.00

Mike - what an amazing thing to do! Hats off to you.

Peter Carey 20.00

Anyone mad enough to do this earns my enduring respect!


Keep going Mike!

Jack Crisp 5.00

Mike you legend! Keep going sir - so impressed with your incredible efforts! Well done! :) xx (don't forget the tights! :D)

Amy Murray 10.00

Hope you have lots of fun in the desert Mike! Fantastic thing to be doing - remember it's a lap of honour now all that training is behind you :-)

Tom and Hayley Bradshaw 33.00

Good luck, hope you won't need the venom pump!

Lorne Taylor 20.00

Well done Mike!

Christopher Tostevin-Hall 25.00

Good luck Mike

PAUL 5.00

To Dear Mike, Good luck and come back safe and sound. Love Dot xx

dot ogier 50.00

Go Mike! woop woop woop!

Hollie Lucia Martorella 20.00

All the bestest luck Mikey!! You will be in our thoughts! Rick and Nicole B. x

Richard Bromley 15.00

Incredible challenge. What a guy! I have 100% faith in you.

Cock and Bull on the first Thursday that you're back and the drinks are on me for the night.

Good luck mate.


Leon Howard 10.00

Good luck Mike!

Helen Le Tocq 10.00

Good luck Mike!

Craig Anderson 10.00

Good luck you utter legend!

Joanna Rathband 10.00

Amazing effort Mike, good luck!

Nikki Moore 25.00

Good luck Mike - keep safe and well. What an experience!

mark cooke 50.00

good luck

Lesley Bourgaize 10.00

Kept meaning to donate and finally got round to it. I hope you complete and enjoy at the same time. Best of luck and wishes.

Nicola Jones 10.00

Good luck Mikey :)

Jennie Ellis 10.00

Good Luck Mike!

Nikki Pettitt 10.00

Good luck Mike!

richard kowenicki 25.00

Good Luck!

Karl Taylor 50.00

Hi Mike...
Your letter was very amusing and certainly grabbed our attention!
How you expect to finish the Marathon de Sables I have no idea but the best of luck to you in your training and finishing this crazy race itself.
Good luck and don't get lost in the desert...
Matt Summers [Monarch]

Matt Summers [Monarch Vulcanising] 100.00

OSA Recruitment 20.00

Good luck Mike from all at Garenne Group.

Richard Jones 100.00

Good luck Mike, from all of us at Nashcopy!

Nashcopy CI Ltd 100.00

What a superstar you are, Mike. Very, very proud of my younger son. Ma. XX

Jill Perkins 25.00

You go Dover! You complete nutter!

what do they say?.....Don’t run with your legs, run with your heart....! x

Kaje 20.00

Good luck!!

heather scott 20.00

Happy training Mike!

Lawney Martin 1.00

Good luck Mike!

Phil Atkinson

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